With members from different corners of Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Andalucía) plus Ecuador, Rumbahía brings to San Francisco a unique flavor of authentic rumba flamencatalana with a hint of latin vibes. Come dance with us for a taste of the joy of neverending Spanish nights. 

Rumbahía was born in April 2016 when, before our first rehearsal, we signed up to play 3 sets at the MAPP festival in the San Francisco Mission, just 10 days in advance. After a lot of fun, and a lot of learning, in 2019 we present our first album, Aprendiendo, with 9 original and flavorful songs.

Our style mixes Spanish Rumba (Kiko Veneno, La Pegatina, Ojos de Brujo, Estopa) with influences of the Latin Music ever present in our neighborhood of La Misión in San Francisco. Our concerts are always a social gathering for Spanish and Latin immigrants in Bay Area, so the energy and fun in our show comes not only from the stage, but from the audience as well.

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Our first album, Aprendiendo

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